Zsolt Suhaj

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I love sex, I want sex. I am not going to hurt you but I want sex.
~ Zsolt Suhaj to a victim[1]
You are every woman's worst nightmare, as I said when you were convicted[...] Canadian authorities described you as predatory and brazen. That is an assessment that I agree with.
~ Judge Sara Dodd[1]

Zsolt Suhaj
Full Name: Zsolt Suhaj
Origin: Toronto, Canada
Goals: Cotinue raping as many people as possible (failed)
Crimes: Serial Rape
Type of Villain: Traveling Serial Rapist

Zsolt Suhaj is a Hungarian serial sexual offender. He has been active in Canada and England. He is serving a life sentence in the UK.

Canadian crimes

Suhaj was arrested in March 2012 by Canadian police at the age of 20.[2] He was detained shortly after an incident where and intruder had sexually assaulted a 35-year-old woman in her own home.[3] Suhaj, who was living in Toronto, was charged with break and enter and sexual assault[3] and also with five counts of prowl by night related to him peering into windows.[2] These allegations spanned a four-day period and police at the time were concerned by his rapid escalation.[4] All the charges were for incidents close to his home and within a kilometre of each other.[4]

Later that year[1] he was convicted of three counts of prowling and one of break, enter and commit sexual assault[5] and of sexually assaulting a woman in public who was enjoying a visit to a cafe with her friends.[1] He was deported back to his native Hungary.[1]

English crimes

In January 2016 Suhaj emigrated from Hungary to join family in the East Lancashire area of England.[1] From May to October that year he committed similar sexual crimes in the towns of Nelson and Barrowford.[5][1] Four women, the youngest 22 and the oldest 84, awoke to Suhaj in their homes; he fled each time.[1] Additionally, on one occasion a woman saw him attempt to enter her home.[1] In May a woman, 70, woke to find his hand between her legs and in October he raped a 66-year-old.[1]

Following the rape detectives released images from a nearby CCTV system; staff at a takeaway he frequented recognised him and he was arrested.[1] He admitted five burglaries and one attempted burglary,[5] claiming he was there to steal gold and money.[1] He claimed that the sex with the rape victim, whose window he climbed through at 4am, was consensual.[5] However, nothing was stolen from the homes.[1] At trial prosecutors also applied to inform the jury of Suhaj's Canadian criminal record.[5] Suhaj, who laughed and joked in court,[6] claimed he had met the rape victim earlier that day and they arranged the meeting.[1] He also claimed his attack on the 70-year-old sexual assault victim was in fact accidental.[6]

The jury convicted Suhaj of rape, sexual assault, five trespasses with intent to commit a sexual offence and one attempt to trespass with intent to commit a sexual offence.[5] He had to be sentenced in his absence after shouting, banging his head, and scuffling with guards.[1] The judge said he was dangerous and jailed him for life with no parole for 11 years.[1] He will again be deported if released.[6]