Zachary Davis

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Zachary Davis
Full Name: Zachary Davis
Alias: Zach
Occupation: Student
Skills: Sledgehammer
Hobby: Playing violent video games, reading manga, reading horror novels
Goals: To kill his mother Melanie Davis with Sledgehammer by hitting her by 12 times, getting revenge against his mother and brother from the death of his father Christopher Davis and rape.(All succedeed)
Escape from the police.(Failed)
Crimes: Murder


Type of Villain: Mentally ill Hammerman

Zachary Davis (born July 27, 1997) is a sledgehammer murderer who killed his mother. His motive was that she "didn't take care of his family" according to him.  


He is now a 24-year old male who was arrested for the murder of his mother Melanie Davis with a sledgehammer, hitting her at least 12 times in the process and he just laughed inappropriately and sets the house on fire by trying to kill his 16-year old brother Josh Davis on August 10th, 2012.  

He was sentenced 71 years in federal prison. 3 years after his sentencing, Zachary was interviewed on Dr. Phil, giving gruesome details about the murder of his mother. He speaks in a low, flat, distinctly monotone voice. After the death of his father due to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in 2007, he and his family moved from Kentucky to Tennessee. According to Zachary, the voice of his father, Chris Davis, supposedly told him to kill his mother and brother because, "they deserved it". Zachary had stated that he "would probably kill Josh with [a] sledgehammer too." He is one of the worst teenagers in the Sumner county.


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