Yang Xinhai

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Yang Xinhai
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Full Name: Yang Zhiya Liu Xinhai
Alias: The Monster Killer
Origin: Zhumadian, China
Occupation: Serial killer,torturer and rapist
Skills: Murdering
Hobby: Kill people and raping womans
Goals: take revenge on society
Crimes: 67 counts of murder, 23 counts of rape
Type of Villain: Family Annihilator

Yang Zhiya Liu Xinhai (杨新海; July 29, 1968 - February 14, 2004) was a Chinese serial killer who brutally murdered sixty-seven people. He would break into people's homes and kill entire families with their own gardening tools such as hammers, shovels, and axes.

Early Life

Yang Xinhai was born on July 29, 1968 to a very poor family in Zhengyang County, Zhumadian, Henan Province, China. He was the youngest of four children. At age 17 he dropped out of school, and ran away from home to work as a labourer.

Criminal Life

Locked up in Chinese dungeons, Yang felt that society hated him, that it was unfair and perverse towards men. In prison he had to get up early, an act he didn't like and also the food was lousy. Forced labor was to be until nightfall. All this happened from 1988 until his release from prison in 1991. In 1996, he was sentenced to five years in prison for attempted rape in Zhumadian and Henan.

When he got out of prison he had honestly gotten a bicycle, she was all his fortune and he didn't have to take public transport. Once released, he began to think about an ordinary life, with children, a wife and an honest job in his country. At first he succeeded. He had a new girlfriend and got a more or less stable job, but the girlfriend saw a newspaper from previous years and she realized that the alleged rapist was her boyfriend, so she left him. In his pain he could not bear the setbacks of life, his boss humiliated him and he decided to leave his job but this time without stealing anything, as he did in his adolescence, there would begin the massive killing spree . One fateful day, before an argument with a citizen who was with his wife and daughter, he ended up in blood. Yang could not bear to be insulted after he almost crushed a six-year-old girl with his bicycle, so the murderer unleashed his pent-up anger and killed the husband and the girl with a hammer. The wife left her for last, raped her and thought she had killed her (who would testify against her). Here began a streak of more than 69 known deaths and many others of which nothing is known. On the night of traveling, he killed, raped and robbed non-stop, he was careful not to use the same weapons, although he always killed with a hammer, but not the same one, he changed it because he believed that he would be discovered if he used only one.

Murders Yang-Xinhai.jpg

Yang's murders took place between 1999 and 2003 in Anhui, Hebei, Henan and Shandong provinces. When night came he would enter the house of his victim, and kill everyone who occupied it -mainly farmers- with axes, hammers and shovels, sometimes killing entire families. The most horrendous of his crimes occurred on December 6, 2002 in Liuzhuang. In a single night, the vile and cruel murderer killed four people from the same family. The victims were 30-year-old farmer Liu Zhangwei, his mother, wife and daughter. The only survivor of the home was Zhangwei's father, who was saved because he had slept in another house. The old man found her granddaughter dead, with a hole in her head and her face covered in blood. The other bodies also had blood on their faces, but his wife, one of the victims, was dying and died ten days later in hospital.

Arrest and Execution

Yang was arrested on November 3, 2003. Shortly after his arrest, he confessed under interrogation to the murder of 65 people, 23 rapes, and five attacks causing serious injuries. He carried out forty-nine murders, seventeen rapes and five attacks in Henan; eight murders and three rapes in Hebei; six murders and two rapes in Anhui, and two murders and one rape in Shandong. Police also found his DNA at various crime scenes.

On February 14, 2004 Yang Xinhai was executed by a firing squad for the murder of 67 people that went on for 3 years. It was later revealed Yang had contracted H.I.V from one of his victims.