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Origin: South Korea
Foundation: January 22, 2016
Goals: To make women superior to men (failing)

To eliminate Catholicism (failing)

Crimes: Hate speech, homophobia, vandalism, animal abuse

Don't look at yourself through their eyes
~ Womad' s manifesto

Womad are a radical feminist group based in South Korea established in January 2016 which stirs up hate against men, homosexuals and transgender people. They were formed from a group of women who split from feminist group Megalia after Megalia expressed their support for the LGBTQ+ community, and have since been accused of misandry, homophobia and transphobia, due to a number of incidents involving posts from the Womad forum in which they openly mocked members of the LGBTQ+ community and male accident victims. They have also come under fire for posts from their forum boasting animal abuse and making fun of war veterans and labour rights activists, incidents in which members openly bragged about killing men and aborting male babies (although in fairness these were never proven to be true, although the authorities shut down several of these accounts) and their support of Areum Lee, a member who molested a young boy, and another member who desecrated the host in order to punish Catholics for thinking that the first human was a man and worshipping God, who she claimed raped Mary. Womad have also made various statements in regards to their belief that women are superior and described all fathers as walking ATMs.