Winnie Ruth Judd

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Winnie Ruth Judd
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Full Name: Winnie Ruth Judd
Alias: Marian Lane McKinnell
The Trunk Murderess
The Tiger Woman
The Blonde Butcher
Origin: Oxford, Indiana, United States of America
Occupation: Medical secretary
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Envious Murderer

Winnie Ruth Judd (29 January 1905 -23 October 1998), later known by the alias  Marian Lane McKinnell, was a depression era murderess who killed her best friends over a man named Jack Halloran.

She was supposedly sentenced to the death penalty. However, this was overturned as it was found that she was mentally incompetent. She was instead sentenced to the Arizona State Asylum due to her mental illness.

Judd eventually escaped the asylum in 1963. She died on October 23, 1998 outside of imprisonment.