White Power Skinheads

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White Power Skinheads are a controversial subculture that are strongly associated with the White Power Movement, to the point many stereotype the entire Skinhead movement as almost embodiments of violent racism - this has led to great conflict within the Punk community as non-racist Skinheads try to distance themselves from this volatile subculture and in turn the White Power Skinheads often try to champion their cause at the expense of others.

White Power Skinheads often belong to Neo-Nazi Party groups and may also be involved in prison-gangs or other anti-establishment societies, though not all of them do - some Punk bands play on the subculture and play equally controversial music championing White Power or Nazism.

A famous insight into the White Power Skinhead subculture was seen in the film, American History X, which also showcased the links to the wider White Power Movement (it also showed the tragic reality a life of xenophobic violence can have and the difficulty in escaping it).