Vasili Komaroff

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Vasili Komaroff
Full Name: Vasili Komaroff
Alias: The Wolf of Moscow
Origin: Vitebsk, Governorate
Occupation: Horse-trader
Crimes: Murder, Robbery
Type of Villain: Serial Killer

Vasili Komaroff (1871 - June 18th, 1923) was a Russian serial killer who claimed the lives of 33 people from 1921 through 1923. Komaroff's method of murder included luring young men away from a horse market near Komaroff's residence and, once the unsuspecting victim had their back turned, brutally murdering them via strangulation or bludgeoning with a hammer.

On June 18th, 1923; Vasili Komaroff and his wife (who was found guilty by association) were executed via firing squad.