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Jake Paul

I have deleted the page, as almost all of the villainy you provided is just immaturity that doesn't meet the specifications for warranting a page. For example, the alleged BLM rioting video actually just shows him standing near a group of looters and there's no evidence he actually broke the law, there's similarly no evidence he knew that gambling site was scamming people, the bigotry was mostly just edgy humour etc. If you re-upload the page I will be forced to ban you.--SW10048 (talk) 19:46, 28 April 2021 (UTC)

After talking with SW10048, I'm gonna have to agree. I don't follow Jake Paul so I know next to nothing about him (which is why I initially agreed to let you make a page for him), but hearing the second perspective on this issue makes sense. Don't recreate the page for him. - Rangerkid51

My apology for the Jake Paul page

SW10048 and Rangerkid51, I'd like to sorry about creating the "Jake Paul" page, as I didn't know that was the reason why the FANDOM RLVW got shut down. But one other YouTuber who really DOES deserve a page here (unlike Jake Paul) is Onision, who is a rapist. (SethStacker69 (talk))