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Okay following the constant number of disputes over which figures and organisations warrant a place on this sight and which don't. I realise that the minimum requirement for what warrants a page has never been set, so before I go ahead and set one, I figured I should aks you for your opinions on the matter.

Okay, now I'm going to assume we all agree that commiting certain crimes definatly warrant a place (murder, kidnapping, abuse, torture, grand theft, any sexual crime etc.). But what about more minor crimes, such as petty theft or one time assult and battary? Do you think they deserve a place.

What about people who don't actually commit crimes but instead do immoral acts (hate groups obvious do warrant a place, as do outspoke racist/sexists/homophobes/fanatics/anti-religous etc.) should they have a place here? Personally I think if its to minor then no, after all we shouldn't have pages for every rich spoiled jerk or the like, I don't think there would be room.

Also should it be set a rule that figures who do more good than bad shouldn't be included, even if they do some serious evil acts (ie. Like Julius Ceaser) I personally think it should, but a the present it seems to be more of an excepted agreement.

So like I said, I want your opinions on this, then I'll think it all over and set it up as rules.