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My name is Bennyben1998.

I was born April 13, 1998.

I am of Norwegian, German, English, Northern Irish, and Scottish descent.

I am interested in girls from countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, etc.

I really like wolves, dragonflies, hawks, falcons, and eagles. I think that they are all very cool animals.

I'm sick of living in the south! I've lived here since I was six and since I was in 3rd or 4th grade, I started to see problems here! States like Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kansas, and Nebraska have more to offer! What does Georgia have to offer? Confederate flags, people whining and complaining about Confederate flags, that's about it!

I prefer smaller schools and smaller classroom sizes because it's less stressful, work actually gets done, and everyone knows each other!

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This is unofficial and just for fun! :)

  • The Leader (lead singer)-me
  • The Lancer (lead guitar)-.GifFany Ramirez McSkirmish
  • The Smart Guy (keyboardist)-FinnXMarcy
  • The Big Guy (drummer)-Maruchan97
  • The Heart (vocal effects, tambourine)-Gul The Darkness

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