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goals: Promote the national interest (failed)
crimes: Unknown

Ultranationalism is the extreme form of nationalism. Ultranationalists reject ideologies or actions for perceived damaging national interest and defend ideologies or actions for perceived protecting national interest. Standards of the "friendly" and "hostile" ideologies and actions differ from nation to nation.

Ultranationalists suggest that every methods, including the controversial or questionable methods such as censorship and detention, are necessary to promote a certain nation's interest and execute against perceived enemies of the nation. In some cases, extreme methods such as genocide, concentration camp are suggested as necessary by ultranationalists.

Ultranationalism is not tied to certain political spectrum, despite fascism has connection to ultranationalism.

Ultranationalism could be used to promote or defend/deny alleged wrongdoings in government, demonizing critics as enemies of the nation.

Types of ultranationalism


Cyber-ultranationalism is the ultranationalism in the Internet. Cyber-ultranationalists adopt cyber-specific methods such as Internet censorship, doxxing and Internet propaganda/publicity.

Extreme irredentism

Extreme irredentism is the extreme belief that a territory belonging to another country should be annexed for ethnic or historical reasons in any possible methods. Supporter of extreme irredentism could be government or individual.

Laws and regulations could be made to protect and encourage extreme irredentism while forbid perceived threat of the belief and actions. Expelling or "cleansing" people living in the territory may be considered as necessary by supporter of extreme irredentism.