Uday Hussein

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Uday Hussein
Full Name: Uday Saddam Hussein al-Tikriti
Alias: Abu Sarhan
Origin: Tikrit, Iraq
Occupation: Commander of the Fedayeen Saddam (1995 - 1996; 1998 - 2003)
Skills: Vast Resources

Command over his Bodyguards
Firearm Skills
Uncontrollable Rage

Hobby: Partying

Having Sex and Raping Women
Killing anyone who angers him or disagrees with him
Sending people to be tortured

Goals: Succeed his father (failed)
Enforce his father's rule (succeeded until 2003)
Crimes: Mass murder
War crimes
Type of Villain: Narcissistic Sociopath

Uday Saddam Hussein (June 18th, 1964 – July 22nd, 2003) was the son of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and the older brother of Qusay Hussein. He also served as the inagural commander of the Fedayeen Saddam death squad.

Uday was his father's designated successor until he sustained severe injuries in a failed assassination attempt in 1996. Following the United States-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, he was killed alongside his brother Qusay and nephew Mustapha by an American task force after a prolonged gunfight in Mosul.


Uday was known for expressing his brutality towards the citizens of Iraq, from raping many women, torturing the Iraqi football team with punishments such as amputations, and killing his father's bodyguard at a party for being introducing to his father to his second wife, among other brutal crimes. As the head of the Iraqi Olympic Committee, he oversaw the torture of athletes working under him, with methods such as flogging, kicking concrete balls, and being dragged into a gravel pit with sewage. He would often crash weddings to rape and sometimes murder brides even though he could've easily charmed any woman he wanted with his vast wealth and power. He was even banished to Switzerland by his own father a few times for his brutality.

In December of 1996, when he was driving, he was ambushed by gunmen and shot, giving him permanent injuries such as a limp. He was about to be heir of Saddam Hussein until Saddam decided Qusay was heir, due to the brutality of his actions, even for his father. He was gunned down by American troops along with his brother Qusay Hussein in 2003. To prove that they were dead, the US Military relaxed pictures of their bodies. After his death at the hands of American forces, celebratory gunfire could be heard all over Iraq for several nights.

Uday was depicted in movies such as The Devil's Double in which he and his double Latif Yahya were portrayed Dominic Cooper.