Thutmose I

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File:Statue Head of Thutmose I in a British Museum.jpg
Early 18th dynasty statue head, perhaps Thutmose I (British Museum)

Thutmose I, also known as Tutmosis I (Greek name), was an Egyptian pharaoh of the so called New Kingdom, famous for his cruelty.

Like other famous warrior kings of Egypt such as Rameses II and Amenhotep II, Thumose led his armies personally and it is said that when the Nubian rebelled against his reign, he actually traveled to said country himself, found the Nubian king, and killed him with his own hands; then he beheaded him and returned to Egypt with the Nubian king's head hanging from the front of his ship, not only as a humiliation to the defeated enemies but also as a display of power and cruelty sure to frighten any potential rebels at home.

His son was Thutmose II, who was just as cruel as his father, but nowhere near as powerful a warrior.