Thomas Dillion

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Thomas Dillon (July 9th, 1950 – October 21st, 2011) was an American serial killer known as the road sniper. He would ride around in his trunk and drink. One day he randomly shot Donald Welling, an innocent bystander. The Police were confused as there was no evidence at the scene. Mouths later he shot Jamie Paxton another outdoorsman. The victim's mother wrote a letter and Dillion wrote back but did not say who he was. The police started investigating his murders as it was soon realized they had a serial killer. They were proven right when he killed another person. After his fourth murder of Claude Hawkings the FBI was called to investigate. They killed a meeting but ten days after the meeting he killed his final victim. The FBI realized a profile on the killer which one of Dillion's said he matched the profile. They then managed to find a gun which could be linked to two of the murders. He was then put on trial were he was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Years later in 2011, he died of an unknown illness.