Thomas Mair

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Thomas Mair
Full Name: Thomas Alexander Mair
Origin: Scotland
Occupation: Gardener
Goals: Kill Jo Cox (successful)
Crimes: Murder
White Power Movement
Type of Villain: Murderous Racist Extremist

My name is death to traitors, freedom to Britain
~ Thomas Mair in court

Thomas Alexander Mair is a British far-right murderer and prison inmate. On 16 June 2016, he murdered Member of Parliament Jo Cox after shooting her and stabbing her multiple times, before being caught after trying to flee the scene.

He was found guilty of her murder and other offences connected to the killing, and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a whole life order.


Thomas Alexander Mair, a 52-year-old unemployed gardener born in Scotland. Mair had mental health problems, though he was declared sane in the moment of the crime. He believed individuals of liberal and left-wing political viewpoints, and the mainstream media, were the cause of the world's problems. He targeted Cox, a "passionate defender" of the European Union and immigration, because he saw her as "one of 'the collaborators' [and] a traitor" to white people.

Mair had links to British and American far-right political groups including the neo-fascist National Front (NF), the United States-based neo-Nazi organization National Vanguard (the successor to the defunct National Alliance) and the English Defence League (EDL); he had attended far-right gatherings and purchased publications from the aforementioned National Vanguard and other outlets,to some of which he had sent letters and expressed support for South African apartheid. In his home were found Nazi Party regalia, far-right books, and information on the construction of bombs. He had searched the internet for information about the British National Party (BNP), South African apartheid, the Ku Klux Klan, prominent Jewish people, matricide, white supremacism/nationalism, Nazism/Nazi Party, SS/Waffen SS, Israel, mass shootings, serial killers, Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., William Hague, Ian Gow (another assassinated MP), and Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik (about whose case he collected newspaper clippings). He also owned Nazi iconography and books and films related to the Nazis. A police official described Mair as a "loner in the truest sense of the word ... who never held down a job, never had a girlfriend [and] never [had] any friends". The Guardian said that he "appears to have fantasied about killing a 'collaborator' for more than 17 years, drawing inspiration from" David Copeland.

The evening before killing Cox, Mair visited a treatment centre in Birstall seeking help for depression; he was told to return the next day for an appointment. However, Mair's health was not part of the defence case in the trial. After his arrest, he was examined by a psychiatrist who found no evidence that Mair's mental health was so impaired that he could not be held responsible for his conduct.