Thomas Hemming

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Thomas Hemming
Full Name: Thomas Hemming
Alias: Murrumbeena killer, Thrill killer
Origin: Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
Occupation: Former bottle shop Employee
Skills: stabbing
Hobby: Collect Knives, kill elderly
Goals: find out what it's like to kill someone.
Crimes: Double Murder
Type of Villain: Thrill killer,Murderer

Thomas Hemming born in 1993 on the 19th February 2014  was responsible for the killing of an elderly couple Robert Adamson aged 65 and Cheryl Adamson aged 60. 

Background information 

Hemming had chosen the Adamsons on a whim because he knew an elderly couple lived at the home, and he thought it was better to kill older people than young victims.

Hemming has admitted knocking on the couple's door at 6:00 am on February 19 after a night of drinking and asking them if he could use their telephone.

When Mr and Mrs Adamson let him in, Hemming set upon them with a knife he had ordered off the internet.

Personal life 

Thomas Hemming had loving parents who sent him to a top-notch private school, De La Salle.

He was taking a gap year from university and had a part-time job at a bottle shop.


He lived in quiet, leafy Murrumbeena, in Melbourne’s southeast.

Hemming did have Asperger’s syndrome, which made it difficult for him to form friendships throughout his school years.

But even so, he had a small circle of friends with shared interests. They would play video games, binge drink and listen to music.

At a plea hearing this week, the Supreme Court heard that Hemming did know right from wrong, and took some rudimentary measures to try to hide his guilt.