Theodor Eicke

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Theodor Eicke
Full Name: Theodor Eicke
Origin: Hampont (Hudingen), Elsass-Lothringen, German Empire
Occupation: SS-Obergruppenführer
Crimes: War crimes
Type of Villain: Nazi War Criminal

Theodor Eicke (October 17th, 1892 - February 26th, 1943) was a SS-Obergruppenführer (German General), commander of the SS-Division (mot) Totenkopf of the Waffen-SS and one of the key figures in the establishment of concentration camps in Nazi Germany. His Nazi Party number was 114,901 and his SS number was 2,921. Together with SS-Obersturmbannführer Michael Lippert, Eicke executed SA Chief Ernst Röhm following the Night of the Long Knives purge.

He was killed on February 26th, 1943 when his plane was shot down by Soviet troops.