Tarek Aziz

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Tarek Aziz
Full Name: Tariq Aziz or Tareq Aziz
Origin: Tel Keppe, Kingdom of Iraq
Occupation: The friendly face of the Saddam regime
Skills: diplomcy
Crimes: crime against humanity
extrajuducial execution
Type of Villain: Diplomatic henchman

"What do you expect from me, after my record as a militant and being one of the leaders of the Iraqi regime, if I go to a US prison. Go to Guantanamo? I'd rather die"

Mihail Yuhanna, better known as Tariq Aziz, (Tel Keppe, Iraq, April 28th, 1936 - June 5th, 2015)), was Minister of Foreign Affairs (1983-1991), Deputy Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq (1979-2003), and close advisor of former president Saddam Hussein for decades. An Assyrian Christian, his relationship with Saddam began in the 1950s, when both were militants of the Baaz Socialist Arab Party, then an illegal party.

Aziz on many occasions was the de facto head of government of Iraq abroad, since for security reasons, Saddam Hussein rarely left the country and Tariq Aziz was in charge of representing the State in diplomatic summits.

He was held in the Camp Cropper jail, west of Baghdad, 1 He was acquitted of some charges on March 1, 2009 after a trial, but was sentenced to fifteen years in prison on March 11, 2009 for his role in the executions of forty-two merchants convicted of speculation in 1992.2 Subsequently, in October 2010, he was sentenced by the Supreme Criminal Court to die by hanging for his relationship with the purification of religious parties.

Tariq Aziz died on June 5th, 2015 at al-Hussein hospital in the city of Nasiriyah, at 79 years of age of natural death without execution. According to his lawyer, he was well treated in prison but suffered depression, diabetes, heart attacks and ulcers and decided that he wanted to end his "misery". He was buried in Jordan.