Sun Yee On

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Sun Yee On
Fullname: Sun Yee On
Alias: The Old Sun
Origin: British Hong Kong
Foundation: 1919
Headquarters: Hong Kong
Commanders: Heung Chin (Deceased)
Heung Wah-yim
Crimes: Smuggling
Human trafficing
Underground gambling
Illegal prostitution

Sun Yee On (新義安) is one of the leading triads in Hong Kong and southern China. It is also believed to be active in western countries such as the U.K. and the U.S.


Sun Yee On, previously known Yee On Society (義安社), was a non-government organization founded by Heung Chin in 1919. After the China cival was, the Yee On Society was declared by the Communist Party of China as an illegal organization. Heung Chin fled to Taiwan and passed the organization to his eldest son Heung Wah-yim. The Yee On Society would also change its name to Sun Yee On.

Notable People

The Heung Family

  • Heung Chin
  • Heung Wah-yim
  • Jimmy Heung, Hong Kong film producer, passed away in 2014.
  • Charles Heung, Hong Kong actor and film producer. controversal due his family background.

Sub bosses

In popular culture

In the 2012 game Sleeping Dogs, the player would join the triad Sun On Yee as an undercover police. The name of the Triad "Sun On Yee" is a switch of words for the "Sun Yee On".