Stephan Balliet

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Stephan Balliet
Full Name: Stephan Balliet
Alias: No information
Origin: Germany
Occupation: Military
Skills: Making Weapons

DIY Tutorials

Hobby: Using Firearms

Using Explosives

Goals: Kill every Jew in the Halle Synagogue (failed)
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Terrorist

Stephan Balliet is the suspect for the Halle shootings that happened on October 9th, 2019.

Balliet grew up in Saxony-Anhalt. He later learned how to handle weapons during his time in the German armed forces after having done his six-month military service in a Panzergrenadier battalion when he was 18 years old. There he was trained on the use of the HK-G36 Assault Rifle and the HK-P8 Pistol. He studied molecular and structural product design for one year at the age of 22. Later studying chemistry for one year at Halle University.

On the day he carried out his attack, the guns he brang with him was a slam-fire shotgun, a submachine gun, and improvised weapons, it is believed that all of the weapons were home-made. He also live streamed his attack on the site Twitch, a streaming service mainly used for gaming. The entire stream is 35 minutes long.

The attack started around noon, on Yom Kippur. Stephan starts the stream by telling the viewers on how he believes that the "Holocaust never happened" and that "Jews are the root to all problems". The stream shows him driving to the Halle Synagogue, he is streaming with his mobile phone. Stephan failed to enter the Synagogue, however, because the door was locked, he made attempts to shoot the lock and later threw explosives but the door was never opened and he never made it in the Synagogue. Ironically, the Synagogue's secuirity was updated a day before the attack. He tried to enter the yard, but also failed that attempt. At this point he was just throwing explosives and cursing in German. By this time it's noted that someone made a distress call about gunshots being heard.

A woman passer-by was walking past Stephan's car, said something in German, and was shot at repeatedly and killed. A man who stopped his vehicle to check on this woman was able to get away unharmed when the shooter's weapon failed to fire. After killing the woman, the attacker drove to a nearby kebab shop, panicking and calling himself a loser multiple times. The attacker opened fire through the front window with a shotgun. Two men can be seen running away, but one of the two men were found and killed after pleading for his life. Authorities said they were dealing with a "rampage situation" and activated the Public Alert System Katwarn and advised the local community to stay at home and also closed the city's train station.

After this, Stephan called himself a loser again and apologized to his viewers for only killing two of his own people when his plan was to kill Jews. He streams himself driving away from the crime scene, and later throwing his phone out of his car, leaving it in the middle of the road and to turn off after 5 minutes.

He lead police on a 80-kilometre chase and was later caught and put in custody. However he was sent to the hospital for a wound located on his neck caused by a bullet shot by a police officer.

Stephan knew about and followed Norwegian right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik and Christchurch Mosque terrorist Brenton Tarrant, but denied being motivated by them, he is also neo-nazi.