Stepan Bandera

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Stepan Andrijowycz Bandera, (born January 1, 1909 in Uhrynów Stary, died October 15, 1959 in Munich) - Ukrainian independence politician with extreme nationalistic views, by some researchers described as fascist, one of the leaders of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, from 1940 the leader one of the two existing factions of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN-B, from April 4, 1941, the chairman of the OUN-B Province as a separate organization.

The OUN-B faction, co-created by Bandera, is responsible for the genocide of the Polish civilian population organized in 1943-1944 in Wołyń and in Eastern Lesser Poland, which killed about 100,000 people.

He was assassinated by the KGB in 1959.