Shoe with Heel Transmitter

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A shoe with heel transmitter is used chiefly by the American Mafia, Russian Mafia, Triad, Yakuza, North Korean Mob, and some drug cartels of Colombia, Venezuela, and Cuba. It is mainly used against a police officer, government agent, politician, judge, or lawyer. It can also sometimes be used against someone who betrayed the mob or even a rival mobster. A transmitter, microphone, and batteries are imbedded within the heel of the target’s shoe. Someone with access to the target’s shoes (usually a valet, maid, friend, or family member) will lay out the rigged shoes then pull out a white pin, not knowing exactly what it is, in order to activate the transmitter. The target then becomes a walking radio station, transmitting all top secret conversations back to the gang. That way, the gang is let in on the law enforcements’ plans on when they might make an arrest on them. This method is also extremely effective and useful in finding out if someone’s an informant or infiltrator.