Sergei Kiyashko

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Crimes: Child Murder


Type of Villain: Child Killer

Sergei Kiyashko was a resident of Astrakhan, who was unable to find a job in the city after he served 17 years in jail. He moved to his relatives in Noginsk, but he could not find a job there, either.

On November 25th, 2008, Kiyashko was walking about the town when he decided to rob an apartment. He entered the apartment building next to the central square and rang the bell of the first door that he came across. A 12-year-old girl, Yana Tabakov, opened the door. Her seven-year-old brother, Zhenya, was playing in his room. There were no adults in the apartment—the children’s parents were at work.

Kiyashko pulled out a knife and attacked the girl asking her to give him money and jewelry. The man took hold of the girl, began to undress her and told the little boy to look for the money. When the boy saw that, he rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife, ran back to the room and stabbed the criminal in the back.

Kiyashko fell down on the floor and let the girl go. He stood up the next moment and pounced upon the boy. He stabbed the second-grader in the back eight times. The girl, Yana, ran out of the apartment shouting for help.

Kiyashko ran away from the scene and took cover in a small cottage on the outskirts of the town, he was arrested after his failed rape.

He is Currently in a unknown prison in Russia


  • There was a different Sergei Kiyashko who a flimer and that is not a rapist