School of the Americas

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School of the Americas
Fullname: Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
Alias: School of the Americas (Old name and the one commonly used by people), SOA, WHINSEC, Assassins School
Origin: USA (Current school)

Panama Canal Zone (Old school)

Foundation: 1946
Goals: Eliminate any hint of communism in Latin America (Successful)
Crimes: Teach torture, execution and extortion tactics

The Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, formerly called the School of the Americas, is an Institute of the United States Department of Defense, currently located in Columbus, Georgia, USA, and previously in the Panama Canal Zone.

The school is widely criticized (especially in Latin American countries) for its teaching in tactics such as torture, execution, extortion, and other tactics considered violations of human rights.

In addition, the school is widely known for the fact that many of its graduates are dictators, war criminals or drug traffickers.

Graduates of the school: