Santiago Abascal

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Santiago Abascal
Full Name: Santiago Abascal Conde
Occupation: President of VOX (2014-)
Skills: power of persuasion based on leftist discontent in Spain
Hobby: defend Spanish sovereignty
Go provoke the radical locals
Crimes: Xenophobia
Type of Villain: Spanish supremacist pesidency hungry

Insulting for Sánchez to destroy with a steamroller the weapons that his now partners used to commit their crimes, 300 of them unsolved.

It remains to be seen whether they will also destroy the Molotov cocktails whose fuse is lit by their government partners today. It is a scandal.

~ Santiago Abascal

Santiago Abascal Conde (Bilbao; April 14, 1976) is a controversial Spanish nationalist and politician, known president of Vox since 2014. His father Santiago Abascal Escuza was kidnapped by ETA.He is very passionate about Bullfighting, a custom that involves animal cruelty.

Graduated in Sociology, he joined the Popular Party (PP) as a young man and was active in local politics as a councilor for the Llodio City Council (1999-2007), as well as a member of the General Boards of Álava (2003-2004). Member of the Basque Parliament between 2004 and 2009, Abascal held two freely appointed positions in the Autonomous Administration of the Community of Madrid between 2010 and 2013. He is also known for accusing opposition parties of terrorist organizations and certain newspapers, he has also protested the reconquest of Spain, asking to expel the entire Muslim community from Spain, also accuses Muslims of the large amount of male violence.He also proposed, "a law against violence in the family sphere". More than once the president of vox has assured that men are discriminated against and that women falsely denounce using their gender as an excuse. He is also known for his covert homophobia, since he declared himself a standard-bearer for LGBT rights he was against homosexuals being able to adopt, in Espejo Público he warned that he did not agree to call him "gay marriage", one of his councilmen said that they were "sick" and even Vox, as a party, pulled the icon of a ghost wrapped in the LGBT flag from his sleeve to point them out as his enemies in the April 28 elections and threatened not to allow the Pride celebration in Madrid. Santiago Abascal, asserted in 2019 that whenever they can, according to the current laws on the possession of weapons, Spaniards have the right to defend themselves "with a knife, a stick, an ashtray or a weapon" and cannot be they stand still "when they attack him and see that their daughters are raped", and those who do so "should not then go through a judicial hell" but should be given "a medal of civil merit" (Spanish civil Award). Abascal proposed a project called "parental PIN" so that "parents can exclude their children from teachings, talks, workshops or activities with an ideological or moral charge." As with televisions or digital platforms, their ideals aim to give parents all the power to censor, according to their moral convictions, certain activities. His party called for "a guarantee that the training centers do not spread any ideology that denies undoubted scientific facts, with special attention to biology." In other words, in public schools they do not talk about abortion and homosexuality. He asked Andalusian institutions and local schools to celebrate the feast of October 12, which is Hispanic Day, to change the Day of Andalusia, to commemorate on February 28 the celebration of the referendum on the initiative of the autonomous process of Andalusia to celebrate the January 2 "the culmination of the Reconquest" by the Spanish hundreds of years ago. It is also common to go with his party to enemy cities such as the Basque Country and Catalonia ,being he and his supporters of mass attacks who consider his presence an act of provocation,in one of them Santiago Abascal lit one of his cigars with the emblem of Spain in front of the protesters and expressed a provocative pose,in addition to an attempted assault against abascal himself in Girona.

He was the target of criticism for preferring the dictatorship of Francisco Franco over the multiparty government.