Salim (Thai political group)

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In comtemporary of Political in Thailand, Salim was a word that came to be used in a political sense to refer to ultraroyalism, pro-military conservatives, skepticism of democracy. Pro-democracy political scientist looked Salim as agent of rightist middle-classes. This word used to call the "multi-colored shirts" or "Network of Citizen Volunteers Protecting the Land" by called from dessert "Sarim" and have meaning of insulting, Later this word are published widely in 2011. And return to political interest in the late of February 2020, after the constitution court of Thailand sentenced the Future Forward Party to dissolve the party. Later this word are used widely in pro-democracy students to call against Ultraroyalists, rightists and conservatists.


There are several attempts to give the definition of meanings of "Salim". Not only for political but included in social science, political science, philosophy and economics.

In October 2011 gived the definition of "Salim" as a person who thinks and claims that they have more wisdom, qualification, belief or moral than others. but in reality, They have no clearly of political ideologies and ideas, cannot use the scientifical reason or logic, so they always claim the holy thing and false belief. strongly biased, mincing, strongly hated politicians and skepticism of representative democracy.

In November 2011 Faris Yothasamuth explained to definition and meanings in Prachathai articles and he concluded as "Salim always hate Thaksinism, aligned royalism, pro-militarism, skepticm of democracy, lack of reason and knowledge and always claim that they are supremacist and superior than others".

In 2020 protests, this word are used widely, that make domestic media and foreign media gived the definition together as this word are used in derogatory of ultraconservatives, ultraroyalists, pro-millitarists and Prayuth Chan-o-cha supporters (pro-establishments)


  • Salim are also hate groups. and can be compared to other ultranationlist hate groups such as Ku Klux Klan, National Front and other hate groups.
  • Salim are Prayuth supporters, beacause they think Prayuth are heroes in their worlds and protector of nation, religion and monarchy.
  • Salim supports political repressions against pro-democracy activists, liberalists, leftists, red shirts, and anyone who disagree Prayuth, monarchy's decisions or their ideas. Just like 6 October 1976, Tiananmen Square Massacre, Katyn Massacre, Hitler's holocaust and Stalin's Great Purge. No matter how many deaths.
  • Salim supports feudalism and dislikes equailty. and supports absolute monarchy as they wanted to restore monarchy's power and they think country are belonged to monarchy.
  • Every concessions such as full democracy, equality, human rights, or other concessions related to democracy. Salim looked as attempting to "topple the monarchy" or "communism's concessions".
  • Salim attempted to distort the information such fake news or false information to find the ways of political repression against pro-democracy activists.
  • Salim are also Americophobia because their belief of American imperialism, So they supported China and CPC although their anti-communism ideas.