Russell Williams

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Russell Williams
Full Name: David Russell Williams
Occupation: Colonel in the Canadian Forces
Crimes: Murder
Type of Villain: Sadistic Fetishist

David Russell Williams (March 7th, 1963 - ) was a deranged serial killer who had a fetish of photographing himself wearing the underwear and bras of underage women. He would frequently break into homes and ransack young women's clothing while masturbating over the acts.

In one instance, he even left a note to a 12-year-old victim on her computer thanking her for the experience.

After a while, Russel "graduated" to murder and kidnap as he broke into the houses of two different women, tying them up and forcing them to pose for more photographs for his collection. Then Williams broke into the house of a corporal he recognized from work, beat her into submission with a flashlight, and brutally murdered her, videotaping every horrific moment of his crime and taking enough photographs to fill an album. He also stole huge amounts of her clothing and underwear to fuel his fetish.

Finally, Williams kidnapped a woman and took her out to a cottage he owned, where he terrorized her for an entire day before ultimately killing her with the same flashlight, he recorded four hours of video of the crime and collected several more photographs and articles of stolen clothing.

Luckily, a witness had spotted Williams' Pathfinder outside of his last victim's house just before she disappeared, and police were able to arrest him after matching his tire and boot prints to those found at the scene of her abduction. He confessed to the murders and was sentenced to life in prison, where he recently tried to kill himself by swallowing a toilet paper roll. The Canadian Forces stripped Williams of his rank and ceremonially burned his uniform and every medal he'd earned over 23 years of service.