Rolando Mendoza

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Rolando Mendoza
Full Name: Rolando del Rosario Mendoza
Alias: Ronaldo
Manila hostage perpetrator
Origin: Naic, Cavite
Occupation: Philippine National Police patrolman (formerly)
Skills: Police training
Skilled in criminology
Goals: Get reinstated and a chance to defend himself for his allegedly extortion case. (failed)
Crimes: Hostage
Mass murder
Type of Villain: Tragic Fallen Hero

Rolando del Rosario Mendoza (January 10, 1955 – August 23, 2010) was a disgruntled former Philippine National Police officer and a Perpetrator of the Manila hostage crisis who hijacked a tourist bus in Rizal Park, Manila, Philippines on August 23rd, 2010. The bus carried 25 people: 20 tourists, a tour guide from Hong Kong, and four local Filipinos. Mendoza claimed that he had been unfairly dismissed from his job, and demanded a fair hearing to defend himself.

Negotiations (which were broadcast live on television and the internet) broke down dramatically about ten hours into the stand-off, when the police arrested Mendoza's brother and thus incited Mendoza to open fire. The bus driver managed to escape, and declared "Everyone is dead" before he was whisked away by policemen. Following a 90-minute gun battle, Mendoza and eight of the hostages were killed and several others injured.


Mendoza was born on January 10, 1955 in Naic, Cavite. He had two siblings, Gregorio and Florencio. Mendoza would later graduate at the Philippine College of Criminology with a degree of criminology before being able to join the Philippine National Police force in 1981. At the course of his career, Mendoza was decorated with 17 medals and becoming a police captain. In 1986, Mendoza and a group of policemen accosted a van containing money that the former president Ferdinand Marcos was trying to smuggle, which Mendoza shipped to the authorities. This caused the Jaycees International to declare him as one of the "Ten Outstanding Policemen in the Philippines".

At some point in his life, Mendoza married Aurrora Mendoza and sired three children: Andrew (c. 1977), Mary Grace (c. 1983) and Bismark (c. 1984).

Mendoza and a group of policemen would later be involved in an alleged extortion at April 2008, where Christian Kalaw, a hotel chef was accosted for parking violations. Kalaw allegedly claimed that the police officers have planted sachets of drugs inside his car, to falsely charge him of illegal drugs and demanded him of his bank account to acquit him. Kalaw was said to be freed after a friend of his offered the officers 20,000 pesos on his behalf. Later, the Philippine Ombudsman found Mendoza and others guilty of misconduct, thus eventually causing his dismissal and the loss of his benefits. However, the case was vacated by the 8th Division of Manila Prosecutors' Office when Kalaw failed to attend the dismissal proceedings.

2010 Manila Hostage Crisis and Death

The bus Mendoza has held hostage.

At August 23, 2010, Mendoza hijacked a Hong Kong tour bus containing 25 people (20 tourists, 4 Filipinos, and a tour guide), he handcuffed the driver after he was denied of a free ride. He was armed with an M16 assault rifle and a pistol, demanding reinstatement and claiming that he was framed. At that time, the late former mayor Alfredo Lim said he will accept the offer if he has proven himself innocent. At the course of the hours, 9 of the passengers were later released. Later on, the local SWAT team arrived in the situation, Mendoza threatened to kill the passengers if they didn't leave the area. His brother Gregorio who is also a police officer, peacefully demanded him to surrender as nothing bad shall happen.

This however caused the situation to aggrevate, as Gregorio was arrested for breaching the exclusion zone while armed. Mendoza became furious when he heard that his brother was arrested. He then demands the police forces to release his brother and threatens them that he will kill one of the hostages. A few minutes later, two of the hostages were already shot dead. The bus driver, who had just escaped the hostage, lamented to the media into thinking that everyone died. However, this was due to his assumption after witnessing Mendoza killing three of the hostages.

The police forces, took almost an hour for them to get into the bus as they surround it. They were left with no choiice but to start breaking the windows with sledgehammers and throw tear gas inside after they failed to break into the bus' door. Mendoza stepped out of the bus, but as result he was shot to the head by a sniper rifle. Mendoza and the 9 injured were sent to the hospital, but he was pronounced dead.