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Rita Zucca (1912 - 1998) was Italian-American woman who betrayed her country for supported Musslioini regime along with Mildred Gillars. She broadcast Axis propaganda, but in fact did NOT commit treason, she had renounced her American citizenship before doing the broadcasts, in order to keep Mussolini's government from taking the profits from her family's earnings in America.

A correspondent from the American military magazine Stars and Stripes said that Zucca's well-known crossed-eye condition did nothing to detract from her attractiveness: "True, her left eye is inclined to wander — but that cooey, sexy voice really has something to back it up."

Newspapers in America were far more scathing. "Soft-Voiced 'Sally from Berlin' Found to Be Ugly Ex–N.Y. Girl" was a typical headline, with descriptions of the young mother as "[as] ugly and unattractive in person as her voice was appealing." Another journalist called her "cross-eyed, bow-legged and sallow-skinned."

So, as an Italian, she was guilty of collaboration with the enemy, was given a sentence of 4 and 1/2 years, and served for 9 months, after Italy gave amnesty to collaborators.