Richard Allen Minsky

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Richard Allen Minsky (March 15, 1944 - ) was an American used car salesman who was found guilty of several crimes against women such as rape, extortion, grand theft, assault and battery, etc. He was convicted of these charges 80 times, and he was also charged for dozens of scams in other states. On November 30, 2001, Minsky was sentenced to 146 years in the California state prison.


He would normally get his next victim by randomly skimming through a phonebook and dialing the number. Whenever a woman would answer the phone, he would always claim that he was an attorney who was representing their family member in a hit-and-run accident. He would then say that he would then send the witness to the crime over to see them so that they could come to a compromise. He would also often ask for the woman on the phone to wear some suggestible clothing and to say the codeword of a President's name to the witness. The woman would do as he told, and they would then allow the assailant to take advantage of them if it meant that they could get their loved ones out of trouble. The victims would then call their loved one to see if they were out of their situation, only to realize too late that they were never in any trouble in the first place and that they were simply victims in a con artist's master plan.