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What is the "Real Life Villains Wiki"?

The Real Life Villains Wiki is a Wikipedia-based off website that wants to talk about people who have done and are doing crimes in all parts of the world and also on the virtual world. On this wiki, you can find the description of various extreme crimes (mass murders, genocides ecc...) and its perpetrators (dictators, serial killers, terrorists, hackers, criminals ecc...).

What is the purpose of this wiki?

The main purpose of this wiki is to inform the world of the actions of extreme criminals, from the ancient times to the modern days, for remember their actions so that we can learn from them as a whole (even though we hardly learn from history).

Is this wiki based on some ideology?

No, it isn't. This wiki isn't based on any political ideology and is not biased. If a person has committed a crime, whether it is admired or not, it will be written here. Because in the real world there are no real "purely good heroes" and "completely evil villains". In fact, in this wiki there is even a page dedicated to explain that [even evil has standards]. The only thing this wiki is based are historical facts and proofs that shows both the evidence of the evilness of the people in this wiki and even their "good side".

Does this wiki have affiliates?

Yes, it has. The affiliated wikis talk about villainous items and people in fiction. An example is the Villains wiki, that talks about the various villains that fiction presents us.