Rape Rack

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The Rape Rack was a torture-device created by the mad scientist known as Harry Harlow, prior to his more infamous Pit of Despair - the creation of this device was a warning of things to come and began Harlow's dark descent into what many would consider madness, straying from his original research (which involved testing if baby monkeys were motivated by love or food) into an obsession to study despair and hopelessness.

Harlow lovingly named his creation the "Rape Rack" and its purpose was to strap female monkeys by their arms and legs so that males could repeatedly have sex with them : by forcing the monkeys to continually mate against their will Harlow was able to observe the effects, which proved horrifying.

Due to trauma the mother monkeys would not be able to care for their young properly and often displayed psychotic behavior - such as biting off the hands and feet of their own young : Harlow was impressed and commented that even in his previous experiments, where he'd abuse baby monkeys with surrogate mothers, he could not of created something as "monstrous" as the mother monkeys.