Rafael Perez

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Rafael Antonio Perez (August 22nd, 1967 - ) is a former officer of the LAPD from 1989 - 1998. He was also a central figure in the LAPD Rampart Scandal. He was a part of the Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums (CRASH) unit. He operated in Los Angeles but was from Brooklyn, New York and of Puerto Rican descent. He was believed to have murdered the rapper The Notorious B.I.G. He was arrested for his abuse of powers. He also allied himself with an African American gang called the Bloods and additionally allied himself with the Italian-American Mafia, Russian Mafia, and Los Zetas. Another corrupt officer who was good friends with those gangs as well as Perez was an African-American cop named David Mack. The character from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas named Frank Tenpenny is based on him.


  • The corrupt police officer antagonist Frank Tenpenny from the critically-acclaimed 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is based off him.