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Full Name: Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello
Alias: Psycl0n

Psytoré (old, but well know alias)





Ash Ketchum



Vulgo Candango



Leader of the Jorges (by Dogolachan users)

Origin: Brazil
Occupation: Website owner (formerly)

Prisoner (current)

Skills: Wealth

Computing and hacking skills


Recruiting people to join his website

Escape from prison

Take down websites

Hobby: Trolling (formerly at times)

Attention seeking (formerly at times)

Manage Dogolachan (formerly)

Collecting Anime/Manga and Japanese Culture Pictures (formerly)

Goals: Being known on chan-style imageboards (succeeded)

Create his own websites along with his friends (succeeded)

Escape from prison (succeeded but got caught)

Make offensive posting on chan-style imageboards just for attention (negatively succeeded)

Creating a fake website of a website called Silvio Koerich (succeeded, but the website shut down)

Keep their crimes online a secret without being caught and arrested (failed)

Take down a lot of chan-style imageboards, incluiding 77chan, RealChan, BRchan, and LulZChan (negatively succeeded)

Crimes: Negrophobia

Hate Speech





Type of Villain: Cowardly CyberCriminal

Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello (born in Brasília on August 9, 1985), also known as Psycl0n, Psytoré, Batoré or just Psy, and many other aliases and nicknames, is a Brazilian channer and current prisoner, former hacker and former computer analyst.

Psycl0n began to gain notoriety in the now-defunct Orkut in 2005 by targeting attacks and threats on leftists, women and blacks. In 2009, he gained fame by becoming the first Brazilian to be convicted of court for racism on the Internet, but he bailed out and never went to jail. In 2012, he returned to fame alongside Emerson Eduardo Rodrigues, when both were arrested in the Operation Intolerance by the Federal Police of Brazil for creating the website Silvio Koerich, which contained extremely offensive posts against women, homosexuals, blacks, Jews, among others. This arrest caused a lifelong fight between the two, making them arch rivals after their release in 2013.

During his many comings and goings from the internet, Psycl0n has been arrested, traveled abroad, and made many, many, aggressive pranks against several of his disaffections, including Emerson, Lola Aronovich, and dozens of others (some of which have a controversial past). He managed to become hated by the Brazilian chan-style image boards at the end of 2013.

In 2018, he was arrested again for using Dogolachan, probably because of his numerous disaffections and for being considered a co-author of the Rio de Nojeira blog, which contributed to his 41-year jail sentence later that year.


Before 2005

Marcelo Valle Silveira Mello was born in Brasília, Distrito Federal, on August 9, 1985 and is the son of Rosita Moreira Valle, public servant of the Federal Data Processing Service (now removed from employment due to psychiatric illness), and Luiz Fernando Silveira Mello, who committed suicide when Marcelo was a child. He was raised by his maternal grandmother.

Marcelo would have suffered constant bullying in childhood, both for physical assaults and insults. A teacher, even, would have the nickname “Marcelo Madureira”, due to its similarity with the character of Casseta & Planeta of the same name, hence one of his nicknames on the Internet.

He spent his childhood and youth in Brasília, where he studied and underwent psychological treatment since adolescence. According to him, he is diagnosed with schizophrenia. His life without financial worries allowed him to travel to Japan, a country he was passionate about. He entered the University of Brasília after passing the entrance exam for the course of Letters-Japanese in 2005, which he left after one semester and at the Catholic University of Brasília in 2006, where he graduated in Computer Science.

2005-09: Racist Internet Attacks and Judicial Condemnation

Marcelo's first appearance with news is from 2005. As a computer student, he decided that he would use the internet to his advantage to commit crimes. He created an account on the social networking site Orkut and, in addition to making racist comments, he falsely threatened University of Brasília students several times, including with bombs. His comments and threats were in retaliation for being provoked and beaten by his colleagues (what is now known as bullying) at the college where he studied. He started to make comments considered to be racist on Orkut against the quota policy for university blacks, among other crazy things (things that, in current terms, would be considered jorgices).

At that time, he would also have attacked his own mother with punches and kicks for not agreeing to move the TV to his room.

In 2007, there was an attempt at arson at the University Student House (CEU) of University of Brasília. Fuel towels were thrown on the doors of African student apartments, and then they were set on fire. Although there is no evidence that Marcelo participated or collaborated with the attack, he would have subsequently made racist publications on Orkut, some even favorable to what happened. Marcelo was quoted in a Declaration Term for his manifestations on the social media.