Project MK-Ultra

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Project MK-Ultra
Perpetrator: CIA

Donald Ewen Cameron
Sidney Gottlieb
Allen Dulles
Henry Murray

Date: 1953-1973
Location: United States
Motive: To find a way to control people

To gather accurate testimonies
To experiment with various drugs and other trauma-causing material
Radical anti-communism

Crimes: Drugging unsuspecting people

Child Abuse
Crimes against humanity

Project MKUltra was a series of human experiments initiated in 1953 by the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States in their desire to brainwash people, often with the goal of controlling them into giving accurate testimonies. Many of these experiments involved many human rights abuses, even as far as crimes against humanity. It was halted in the 70s, and was shortly after exposed to the general public, causing an uproar.

Many experiments involved involuntary drug injection (prominently LSD), torture, physical assault, harassment, and sexual abuse. Some of these were even done against people with disabilities and children, which greatly increased the uproar. 

It is often considered to be among the worst things the United States has ever done.


  • Ted Kaczynski is believed by some to have been a victim of MKUltra.
  • Project MK-Ultra shares similarities with Polybius, an urban legend about an arcade machine designed to unethically experiment with video game addiction.
  • Several false memories, also known as the "Mandela effect" has occurred with some in remembering MK-Ultra. Some young people claim to erroneously recall Project MK-Ultra as a video game in the Mortal Kombat series.