Proclamation No. 1081

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My countrymen, as of the twenty-third of this month, I signed Proclamation #1081 placing the entire Philippines under Martial Law.
~ Ferdinand Marcos' official declaration of martial law.

Proclamation No. 1081, also known as the Marcosian Martial Law was the document which contained formal proclamation of martial law in the Philippines by the controversial President Ferdinand Marcos, as announced to the public on September 21st/23rd 1972.


The students joined the communists in the cause in 1970 as Marcos was on the second term in 1969. Then there was a Plaza Miranda Bombing, blaming the president Ferdinand E. Marcos. There were 1972 bombings before he declared martial law by gaining him war powers to control the military.

Consequences and effects

The effects of Marcos martial law was almost like Adolf Hitler's Third Reich of certain parts of Europe and repression from Kim Il-sung and Kim Dynasty of North Korea, and propaganda was circulated under him, the advent of New Society while suppressing civil liberties and freedoms, promoting censorship, abolishing congress, violating human rights or sanctity to life. People like this were likely to live in fear rather than speak against Marcos. As such, not only citiziens were disciplined and were afraid to break the law, some and others were also punished for their crimes as seen under Nazi Germany and modern-day North Korea.

Killings and tortures

The martial law under Marcos was Enrile Ambush, like the event of Kristallnacht  "Night of Broken Glass". The subversives and communists whether or not were the prime targets and were arrested. Thousands were killed or went into forced disappearances, tens of thousands were tortured or imprisoned and everyone was afraid of it.


The martial law was lifted in 1981, everything was not in better shape until 5 years after Marcos was ousted in exile to Hawaii.

Legacy and controversy

The Marcosian martial law is believed to be the darkest chapter in the history of the Philippines but his loyalists say it was paradise, a wonderful period, the smiling martial law and golden age under Marcos itself; this includes current President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte, along with Marcos cronies whether living or dead.