Plínio Salgado

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Plínio Salgado
Plínio Salgado.jpg
Full Name: Plínio Salgado
Alias: Ezequiel
Origin: Brazil
Occupation: Writer





Skills: Leadership over the Brazilian Integralist Action
Hobby: Spreading propaganda

Adapting the symbolism of fascism

Goals: To be elected as state deputy by the PRP (successful)
Crimes: Pollution

Incorporation of Fascism symbols



Type of Villain: Obsessive Corrupt Fascist Politician

Plínio Salgado (January 22, 1895 – December 8, 1975) was a Brazilian politician, writer, journalist, and theologian. He founded and led Brazilian Integralist Action, a political party inspired by the Fascism regime of Benito Mussolini.


Initially a supporter of the dictatorship led by Getúlio Vargas, he was later persecuted and exiled in Portugal for promoting uprisings against the government. After his return, he launched the Party of Popular Representation, and was elected to represent Paraná in the Chamber of Deputies in 1958, being re-elected in 1962, this time to represent São Paulo.

He was also a candidate in the 1955 presidential election, securing 8.28% of the votes. After the 1964 coup d'état, which led to the extinction of political parties, he joined the National Renewal Alliance political party, obtaining two terms in the Chamber of Deputies. He retired from politics in 1974, just a year before his death.