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Peter Scully
Peter Gerard Scully.jpg
Full Name: Peter Gerard Scully
Alias: The Monster

The most evil predetor
Australia's worst paedophile

Origin: Melbourne, Australia
Occupation: Head of a dark web pedophile ring, creator of Daisy's Destruction
Skills: Filming

Business management

Hobby: Making snuff films, torturing and raping children
Goals: Continue making pedophilic snuff films (succeeded until he got arrested)
Crimes: Pedophilia
Human trafficking
Child abuse
Snuff filming
Child pornography
Type of Villain: Serial Killer

I get bigger than Ben-Hur and people get interested. There is nothing I can do about it, so why worry about it?
~ Scully, not caring about people perceiving him as an evil predator.

Peter Gerard Scully (January 13th, 1963 - ) is an Australian pedophile, serial killer, rapist, snuff filmer, and child sex offender who owned "No Limits Fun", a dark web-based service for child pornography. He is deemed to be "Australia's worst pedophile" by many individuals,

Prior to his depraved child sex activities, Peter Scully lived in Melbourne, Australia, and was involved in scamming, before fleeing to the Philippines.

Some argue that he is one of the worst people ever recorded in history, as he never expressed any remorse for the helpless children he mercilessly tortured; in fact, he enjoys the massive attention he has received, despite the majority of it being almost unanimous revilement and horror caused his actions and character. Along with crackers, he is one of the main reasons many users on the Internet are wary of the darkest corners of the dark web.

Life in Australia

Peter Scully was born in Melbourne on 13 January 1963 and lived there for most of his life. By 2011, he had a wife and two children.

Scully is thought to have engaged in numerous crimes during his last years in Melbourne, but was never formally charged. He ran an unlicensed escort service website that he used to prostitute his then-girlfriend, a Malaysian woman. He was also accused of numerous real estate scams, one of which swindled investors out of $2.68 million. An investigation that began in 2009 blamed him for 117 separate fraud and deception offenses related to his real estate scams. To escape pending criminal charges, Scully fled to the Philippines, where he would go on to commit his most heinous crimes.

Curiously, there is no evidence that Scully sexually abused any children prior to the violent rapes he committed in the Philippines. No one has accused him of molesting children in Australia, and Scully has denied doing so when asked. This is unusual for perpetrators of violent sex crimes, who often have a history of deviant behavior and escalation leading up to their worst crimes. It is unknown why Scully escalated so quickly and violently - he has been mostly silent on the matter.


Scully operated his child sex ring out of a remote region of Mindanao in the Philippines. He groomed local teenage girlfriends to aid in his crimes. Scully targeted impoverished young girls living in the area, deceiving them or their parents into trusting him to care for them. He imprisoned and tortured his victims in a series of houses that he used as film studios. Scully sold the child pornography as pay-per-view streams on the dark web. Profit seems to have been a substantial part of Scully's motive for his crimes, which provided his main source of income while living in the Philippines.  

The most notorious video made by Scully was titled Daisy's Destruction. The video manifests Scully, Liezyl Margallo, Maria Dorothea Chi Y Chia and Carmen Ann Alvarez sexually abusing and torturing an 18-month girl named Daisy until she was permanently infertile. Scully and his partners in crime had used hot wax, barbed wire, lighters, and waterboarding during the duration of the video. The only girl that died as a result was an 11 year-old girl named Cindy. Her remains were later discovered underneath the floorboards of a residence Scully previously rented. The video's infamous reputation and extremely violent nature caused it to be regarded as an urban legend for some time before its existence was proven.  

After authorities discovered Daisy's Destruction, an international manhunt for its creator was started. Many law enforcement agency branches had to sit through the entire video, and many members argue that Daisy's Destruction is the worst of all. Anyone who has downloaded this film would most likely be tracked down and arrested due to possession of child pornography

The “Dafu Love” Creepypasta

“Dafu Love”, a creepypasta based off the actions done in Daisy's Destruction, was rumored to be a sadistic film created by Scully, but was later established as an urban legend made from Internet users. The video was described with Scully, his two girlfriends, and two other unnamed men raping and torturing impotent babies to death. One scene was described with Scullys' girlfriends continuously and shamelessly bashing the helpless infants' heads together.

He is said to have made many more videos of torturing children and babies alike and selling them online through the Deep Web, although Daisy's Destruction is the only one which has been proven.

Arrest and sentencing

Peter Scully was arrested when his 17-year-old partner (whom being one of his victims) felt guilt for her actions, escaped, and told the police his whereabouts. This also gave the chance for two other very young victims to escape. However, she did not state the specific address, so police had to scope the neighborhood door-by-door until they found a matching floor plan and matching Australian accented-man from Daisy's Destruction. He now faces a life sentence, narrowing avoiding capital punishment by Filipino law. However, the Philippines actually considered bringing back the death penalty for the sole intent of killing Scully.

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