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Pederasty is the highly specific term for adult men having sexual and/or romantic activity with adolescent boys. It is known for having had sometimes occurred in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome because of how some believed it helped boys grow up better. However, the activity has become much more well known nowadays given the infamous NAMbLA advocacy group and various incidents of sexual misconduct in Catholic churches.

Pederasty is illegal in many places due to age of consent laws, and is considered statutory rape in many jurisdictions. Pederastic relationships can also cause PTSD among other after-effects in the adolescent boy.

The term is commonly mistaken with pedophilia in the homosexual sense, but does not qualify as pedophilia because of how pedophilia has to have a pre-pubescent child be subject to attraction.

The female counterpart to pederasty is known as korephilia.

It doesn't necessarily make somebody a villain, but there are many villains who commited pederasty. When adolescent boys want to have sex with adult men, it's not a crime.

Notable pederasts