Pazuzu Algarad

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Pazuzu Algarad
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Full Name: John Alexander Lawson (Birth name)
Pazuzu Illah Algarad (Legal name)
Alias: The Devil You Know
Origin: Georgia
Occupation: Satanist
Skills: Satanic Practices
Hobby: Sacrificing Animals
Blood Consumption
Sexual activities
Goals: Sacrifice a person for Satan (succeeded)
Crimes: Murder
Animal Abuse
Type of Villain: Satanic Obsessed Individual

He admitted that he bathed no more than once a year and had not brushed his teeth in years. He felt such actions stripped … the body of its defenses in warding off infection and illness.
~ A reporter that interviewed Pazuzu Algarad and explained what he said to the reporter.

John Alexander Lawson or legally known as Pazuzu Illah Algarad (August 12th,, 1978 - October 28th,, 2015) was an American Satanist that was responsible for the murder of three men, along with his associates, Amber Burch and Krystal Matlock. After his arrest, officers found out many of his disturbing habits, describing behaviors similar to a sex cult as he would partake in cannibalistic acts such as drinking his own blood and would sacrifice animals such as birds and rabbits. He would also associate himself with sexual orgies.

He was described as having many mental problems, as he was diagnosed with being agoraphobic, schizophrenic and very psychotic, however, his mother described him as a warrior and saying he wasn't always a bad person.

He was sent to prison for a year before committing suicide in his cell. A documentary was released about him called The Devil You Know which goes into detail on why he did his crimes.