Paul Hausser

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Paul Hausser
Paul Hausser.jpg
Full Name: Paul Hausser
Alias: Papa
Occupation: Nazi Military Officer
Crimes: War crimes
Type of Villain: Nazi War Criminal

Paul Hausser (October 7th, 1880 – December 21th, 1972) was an officer in the German Army, achieving the high rank of lieutenant-general in the inter-war Reichswehr. After retirement from the regular Army he became the "father" (thus the nickname “Papa”) of the Waffen-SS and one of its most eminent leaders. Battling in both the Eastern and Western fronts of World War II, he was seriously wounded twice, losing an eye in the first incident. After the war he became a member of the HIAG which sought to rehabilitate the reputation and legal status of the Waffen-SS.

Paul Hausser passed away in December 21st, 1972.