Paul Elam

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Paul Elam
Full Name: Paul Elam
Occupation: Website Founder
Skills: Mens' rights activism
Crimes: Misogyny
Type of Villain: Misogynistic Influencer

Hey Mille. Fuck off and die. That isn't even my lack of tolerance for lies and bullshit talking. It is my anger. Personally, people like you and people like Rosie piss me the fuck off. Why? Because you are myopic idelogical pieces of shit that follow a brand of groupthink that is doing a ton of damage to a lot of people.
~ Paul's reaction to someone who criticised his views on domestic violence

Paul Elam is the founder of the several Men's Rights websites, the most prominent being A Voice for Men. He claims to be a spokesperson for men who have been unfairly treated by feminism. Despite presenting himself as a voice of reason for disenfranchised men, he has committed several dubious acts that ultimately undermine the tragedies that men suffer and his anti-feminist stance only succeeds in perpetuating gender gaps.


Elam's movement targets men who were victims of rape, custody battles and physical abuse at the hands of women. However, there's little evidence to suggest that A Voice for Men actually does anything about these crimes other than document them to use as ammunition against feminism. Members of his movement have been known to harbour grudges against women for crimes that were committed against them years ago by a radical minority.



In 2011, Elam established, a website which is little more than an attempt to shame women by posting the personal information of women who have been on either side of a lawsuit. Women who post criticisms on this website are threatened with having their own personal details published, including routes to and from work in an attempt to intimidate them.[1]


White Ribbon

In 2014, Elam took the name White Ribbon for a new website he was launching. This came under fire from the pre-established White Ribbon group, an organisation of pro-feminist men who speak out against violence. Executive Director Todd Minerson criticised this as a purposeful act of misdirection.


Elam has admitted to collecting any donations made to his website to pay for his affluent living expenses, rather than funding anything that would benefit male victims. Some of his donors were reported to be in-between jobs, yet gave him $100 as he demands large donations. This piece of information ultimately exposes Elam as little more than a false prophet who preys on men's vulnerabilities.[2]



In 2015, Elam's A Voice for Men conference gained notoriety after it was published in GQ [3]. According to journalist Jeff Sharlet, many of the patrons made several disturbing and troublesome comments such as threatening to disown their daughters if they got raped and reported it and that the age of consent for women should be as young as 12. Elam was reported as being nothing but encouraging of these comments. When a woman joined the after party, Elam and several guests tried aggressively flirting with her whilst telling her not to act too approachable if she wasn't interested.