Francisco de Assis Pereira

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Francisco de Assis Pereira (November 29th, 1967 - ) better known as the “Maníaco do Parque” (Park Maniac), is a Brazilian serial killer who had raped, tortured and murdered at least six women in 1998. Their bodies were found in the Parque do Estado, an ecological park in the southern region of the city of São Paulo, which became his namesake. Another nine women also claimed to have been attacked by him.

He formerly worked as a motoboy, using his motorbike to get his victims, always unarmed. He always convinced his victims to go with him, falsely claiming to work for a famous magazine and asking them to go with him to take photos in the park for a good amount of money. Once in the park, he would reveal his true face and attack the women. Identified by the survivors, he attempted to escape but was eventually captured and imprisoned in the same year.