Pamela Smart

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Pamela "Pam" Ann Smart (August 16th, 1967 - ) is a teacher who manipulated her young lover William "Billy" Flynn into killing her husband, Gregory "Gregg" Smart.


Pamela worked as a media coordinator at Winnacunnet High School, Pam meet Billy at a local drug awareness  program in which both were volunteers. Billy was impressed by Pamela due her interest in heavy metal songs and music.

Sometime later, Pam and Billy became lovers and Pam secretly took Billy's virginity. Pamela asked Billy and his friends if they could kill her innocent husband, Gregg Smart. Billy at first disliked the idea but later accepted, he sneaked into Gregg's house while he was out and waited for him there, he killed Gregg with a shot in the head when he came home. The police soon discovered that Pam was the mastermind behind the murder of Gregory Smart. Her sentence was the rest of her life behind bars.


  • Her age was 22 and Billy was only 15.
  • Her young friend and accomplice Cecilia Pierce was the one responsible for her imprisonment.
  • Billy was paroled years later in 2015.
  • Pamela's story was fictionalized in Gus Van Sant's 1995 film To Die For, starring Nicole Kidman as Suzanne Stone, based on Smart.