Palestinian Unity Government

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Palestinian Unity Government
Fullname: Palestinian Unity Government
Alias: Palestinian Authority
PA Government
Origin: Palestine
Foundation: 2 June 2014
Headquarters: West Bank
Gaza Strip
Commanders: Mahmoud Abbas
Rami Hamdallah
Goals: Overthrow the State of Israel (failed)
Unite the Palestinian State (failed)
Crimes: Terrorism
Mass murder

The Palestinian Unity Government was a short-lived Palestinian governing body comprised of the terrorist organizations Hamas and Fatah with the intention of uniting the Palestinian State and overthrowing Israel. Although ostensibly independent, the majority of the ministers were overwhelmingly loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah. As a result of this the PA Government was plagued by infighting and soon collapsed after only one year.


The Unity Government was formed on 2 June 2014 after Hamas and Fatah signed an agreement to from a national unity government. In a televised address, President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the formation of the new government was a step towards ending the division between Hamas and Fatah, a view echoed by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. Despite these claims however, the Government's ministers were seen as overwhelmingly loyal to Fatah, although Hamas officials did have some input.

Terrorist activities

On 12 June 2014, the Unity Government abducted three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank. All three of them were later executed by Hamas members Marwan Qawasmeh and Amar Abu Aysha. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu launched a raid against the West Bank in retaliation, capturing hundreds of operatives. Militants in the Gaza Strip responded by firing more missiles at Israel. In response Israel invaded Gaza, causing mass civilian casualties and forcing the Unity Government to shift its focus to rebuilding infrastructure.


In November 2014 Hamas announced that the Unity Government mandate had expired according to the initial agreement. President Abbas responded by ceasing all efforts to rebuild Gaza, claiming that as Hamas is based there it is their responsibility. The dispute escalated when President Abbas ordered the mass incarceration of Hamas members in the West Bank. Hamas carried out a series of bombings against Gaza after this, derailing reconciliation attempts. The following year President Abbas announced that, due to inability to operate in the Gaza Strip, the Unity Government had ceased to operate. Attempts to form a second Unity Government failed due to more infighting.