Northwest Territorial Imperative

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The proposed official flag of the movement.
The ideal I advocate is the creation of a White Ethno-State on the North American continent. We need to start thinking about a new ethno-state that we would want to be a part of. This is not going to happen in the next election or in the next 10 years probably, but something in the future that would be for our great grandchildren.
~ Richard Spencer

The Northwest Territorial Imperative (often shortened to Northwest Imperative or known simply as the Northwest Front) is a white separatist, neo-Nazi idea that has been popularized since the 1970s–80s by the White Power Movement within the United States. According to it, members of these groups are encouraged to relocate to a region of the Northwestern United States—Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Western Montana—with the intent to eventually declare the region an Aryan white ethnostate.

Depending on who defines the project, it can also include the entire states of Montana and Wyoming, plus Northern California. White supremacist leaders Robert E. Miles, Robert Jay Mathews and Richard Girnt Butler were originally the main promoters of the idea.

Several reasons have been given as to why this area has been chosen to be a future white homeland: it is farther removed from Black, Jewish and other minority locations than other areas of the United States are; it is geographically remote, making it hard for the federal government to uproot activists; its "wide open spaces" appeal to those who believe in the right to hunt and fish without any government regulations; and it also allows them to have access to seaports and Canada.

The formation of such a "White homeland" also involves the expulsion (ethnic cleansing), euphemized as a "repatriation", of all non-Whites from the territory. The project is variously called "Northwest Imperative", "White American Bastion", "White Aryan Republic", "White Aryan Bastion", "White Christian Republic", or the "10% solution" by its promoters.

The territory proposed by the Northwest Territorial Imperative overlaps with the territory of the Cascadia independence movement, and the two movements share similar flags, but they are otherwise unrelated.