Nikki Yovino

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Nikki Yovino
Nikki Yovino.jpg
Full Name: Nikki Yovino
Origin: Long Island, New York, US
Occupation: Former student
Goals: Win the heart of a man she loved (failed)
Crimes: Filing a false police report
Interfering with police
Type of Villain: Sociopath

Nikki Yovino (1997 - ) is a former student at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, Connecticut, who falsely accused two Black college football players of rape at an off-campus college party on October 14th, 2016.

In February 2017, Yovino reported to the police that she was pulled into a basement bathroom by two Black men, where they took turns raping her, at a college house party in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She was 18 at the time and four weeks into her course. Although the two men both admitted to having sex with her in the bathroom, they denied the allegation and stated that the sex was consensual. As a result, both students withdrew from the university, and one of the men lost their football scholarship.

Months later, Yovino admitted to making up the allegations in order to garner the attention and sympathy of another man she wanted to date. She pleaded guilty to two counts of filing a false police report and one count of interfering with police, and was sentenced to only one year in prison.