Nick Fuentes

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Nick Fuentes
Full Name: Nicholas Joseph Fuentes
Alias: Nazi Nick
Origin: Illinois, United States
Occupation: Political commentator
Skills: Mild charisma
Hobby: Being derogatory towards Jews, homosexuals and other minorities
Goals: Overturn the results of the 2020 election
Bring about demographic change in favour of white people (both failed)
Crimes: Racism
Incitement to violence
Holocaust denial
Hate Speech
Type of Villain: Far-Right Influencer

You have a lot of conservative babes, and they'll say 'I'm a feminist, but I'm a real feminist, like the right to vote feminist, like the equality for women feminist.' Shut up, idiot! We don't like you either! We don't need you either! We want to go back to before that! No feminists!
~ Fuentes expressing his opposition to feminism.

Nicholas Joseph Fuentes, popularly known as Nicholas J. Fuentes or Nick Fuentes, (born August 18, 1998) is an American podcaster and political commentator. His YouTube channel was permanently suspended in 2020 for violating hate speech policies, forcing him to host his America First podcast on other sites. Most of these sites have since banned Fuentes for violating their terms of service.


Fuentes describes himself as a "paleoconservative" and "American nationalist", though many have accused him of holding anti-Semitic and racist views. He is associated with the Alt-Right and the Stop the Steal movement, and is a supporter of Donald Trump. He has also expressed support for the racist conspiracy known as the Great Replacement.

While working for RSBN in 2017, Fuentes went on a rant about how "[t]he First Amendment was not written for Muslims" and expressed the view that only non-immigrant Christians should be allowed to express their religion. He also said that it was "time to kill the globalists" because they "control the media" and that the people who control CNN should be deported or hanged. He was subsequently fired, with RSBN issuing an apology.

One of Fuentes's most controversial opinions was made public in a video about Adolf Hitler when he engaged in Holocaust denial by downplaying the number of Jews killed in the Holocaust. According to Fuentes, the number was actually closer to three hundred than the commonly accepted figure of six million. He has also made death threats against Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro.

Fuentes has implicitly supported white supremacist terrorist Patrick Crusius, having accused journalist Matt Walsh of being a race traitor for saying Crusius deserves to die. He is also a believer in racialism and claims that different races are both biologically and spiritually different. Because of this, Fuentes has called on multiple occasions for America to be racially segregated and for black people to be deported. Both Fuentes and his supporters, the so-called "Groypers", believe that immigration is a demographic threat to America and that the Democratic Party wins elections because there are black people present in the country. He attended the Unite the Right rally in 2016.

Fuentes has repeatedly criticized Turning Point USA and its founder Charlie Kirk, accusing them of betraying Donald Trump by advocating in favor of mass legal immigration, support in foreign aid for Israel and LGBT issues. Throughout October and November 2019, his supporters were present at many of Kirk's public speaking events, which featured guest speakers including Donald Trump Jr., Lara Trump, and Kimberly Guilfoyle. These campaigns frequently involved asking questions that prompt viewers to look up far-right and anti-semitic conspiracy theories and hoaxes online. Fuentes has characterized the campaign as a grassroots effort to expose TPUSA as ideologically inconsistent with the ideology espoused by Donald Trump and other conservative populists. As a result of this campaign, some right-wing mainstream politicians and pundits disavowed Fuentes, characterizing his beliefs as extreme and out-of-touch with mainstream conservatism

As previously mentioned, Fuentes is a member of the Stop the Steal movement and believes that the 2020 election was rigged in favour of leftist candidate Joe Biden. On January 4, 2021, Fuentes organised a Stop the Steal rally in Michigan and discussed the possibility of killing legislators who refused to overturn the election result: "What can you and I do to a state legislator — besides kill them?". Fuentes also took part in the 2021 United States Capitol storming alongside fellow neo-Nazi Anthime Joseph Gionet. Both livestreamed their participation in the events, although only Gionet was arrested.

After Republican congressman Matt Gaetz was accused of having sexual relations with a minor, Fuentes defended him for no reason other than his belief that relationships with large age gaps are "traditional". He also claimed that the age of consent is "very much a feminist agenda" and that Gaetz should have married his alleged victim.


  • Despite his support for racial purity, Fuentes is actually 14.8% Native American.