New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement

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New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement
Fullname: New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement
Alias: NIFB
Origin: United States
Commanders: Steven Anderson

Tommy McMurtry (of the Liberty Baptist Church)

Goals: Ensure the government executes people from the LGBTQ+ community
Crimes: Gay bashing

Hate Speech
Promoting genocide

The New Independent Fundamental Baptist Movement, or the NIFB for short, is a branch of fundamentalist churches noted for its controversial subject matter. For instance, the churches are known for pushing their Anti-Semitism rhetoric wherein one of their main beliefs they hold is that modern day Israel is a total fraud. They believe that those who are saved are God's actual chosen people rather than Jewish believers.

Their main claim to infamy, however, is their virulent homophobia and their utter contempt for the LGBTQ+ community. While several churches are notorious for their opposition to homosexuality such as the Westboro Baptist Church, the NIFB takes it a step further where they equate the LGBTQ+ community and any supporters as abominations deserving only of death. They constantly use biblical verses to justify their hatred as God was known to find the act of homosexuality abominable and deserving of having both practitioners executed without question. They are also known for equating homosexuality to pedophilia as being the primary reason as to why they are against it, and push for the national government to stage executions of the LGBTQ+ community under the belief that this would make the United States a righteous society founded on biblical principles (which would, effectively, make the country a theocracy.)

The NIFB had recently gotten into the news when it was announced that multiple preachers would be going to Orlando, Florida, where the site of the Pulse nightclub mass shooting perpetrated by Omar Mateen in June 2016 occurred to preach about the evils of the LGBTQ+ community. Several members of the NIFB movement have gone on record stating that they were rejoiceful upon hearing about the massacre. Many preachers had also attempted to have officers situated against any opponents of their protests, but to no avail. They are considered a cult due to their beliefs of spreading hate speech and genocide while hiding behind the fact that they aren't actively enacting it. Several videos of them promoting the event by dubbing it "Make America Straight Again" had been targeted and struck down by YouTube under the terms of it falling under hate speech.