Nauru refugee camps

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File:Nauru refugee camps.png
Protest of refugees against the camps.

The Nauru refugee camps also called Nauru Dream were camps for refugees from Asian countries, mainly Afghanistan, which were located in Nauru, a small country in Oceania.

They were commanded to build by the Australian government, which used the fields to send Asian refugees arriving at its shores and the fields were administered by the Nauru government. Information about refugee conditions in the camps was secretly held by the Nauru government for a while, but in 2003 protests began across the country from refugees due to poor health, hygiene and rights humans and because of the fact that refugees were forbidden to leave the country and fields. Many health studies condemned the fact and it was discovered that because of poor conditions, many refugees preferred to commit suicide than to live in those conditions. Finally, the centers were closed in 2007 and the government had to give visas to the surviving refugees.

As a curious fact, some of these fields were also built in Papua New Guinea.